Make-Up Application and Consultation

Reflections Skin Oasis is dedicated to the protection, health, and enhancement of your skin. We use mineral based make-up products with the highest quality ingredients. They are all animal friendly and loyal to the ecosystem. All of our cosmetics are free from dyes, talc, mineral oil, alcohols, preservatives, tars, and fragrances. They are non-irritating and anti-bacterial.

We look forward to enhancing your skin with make-up that COLORS, CORRECTS, and PROTECTS your skin.

Brow Lesson - 30 minutes, $35
Update Make-up Lesson - 1 hour, $65
Full Make-up Lesson - 1 hour 30 minutes, $95
Photo/Bridal Application - 1 hour 30 minutes, $125

Note: To all of our loyal clients at Reflections Skin Oasis, we offer a 1-hour complementary make-up session for every season. Our make-up events are complementary to all.


To book an appointment please call: 530-274-9053

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