Presso Leg Therapy Treatment

1 hour 30 minutes, $120

Presso Therapy Treatment is designed to rebalance the interstitial fluid where edema (swelling) collects in the legs and ankles.

We start with a deep exfoliation followed by an application of our Light Leg Complex and Normalizing Bath Oil. Both of these specialized products strengthen the capillary walls to prevent broken capillaries; they relieve tiredness and heaviness of the legs and regulate excess perspiration. We then begin Presso-Massage which gradually and progressively drains fluid using a technique similar to hand massage involving the application of inflatable chambers which create pressure sequences.
Ideal for:
    •    Jet Lag
    •    Sports
    •    Cellulite
    •    Heavy Legs
    •    Spider Veins
    •    Pre-Post Surgery

You will see the difference after only one treatment. Even more effective when done in a series of 3, 6, or 12 performed 1-3 times per week.

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